Repairs & Modifications

Adjust swingweight, broken shafts, shorten or extend shafts? No problem! You’ll receive the finest in expert repairs and service. Come see us for all your repair work.

Repairs & Modifications


We are a full-service repair shop and can do most any repair needed.  We can offer one day turn around if requested.  Engineered Golf can complete nearly any repair service, other than repairs to wooden headed or hickory shafted golf clubs.  We perform all the same professional repairs and services that the touring pro’s receive from their staff equipment Tour Vans.  Our expertise, workmanship and attention to detail is tour level too!

Here are just a few of the many repairs and modifications that we normally see.  Many of the repairs or modifications will require combining more than one procedure.

Partial Listing of Repairs & Modifications

Shaft extensions Shortening shafts. Re-swingweighting golf club.
Hot Melt re-weighting of woods and hybrids to establish target swingweight/MOI Regripping – full swing golf clubs Regripping putters – laser aligned
Salvaging full swing golf grips - (depends on condition/type of grip) Salvaging putter grips - ( depends on condition/type of grip) Adjust size of grip by tape buildup - excessive layers by hourly wage
Remove broken shafts from heads of irons or woods - differing methods may be needed depending upon position of the break of the shaft.  Sheared shafts at, or just above the hosel are more problematic and expensive to repair Reshaft irons/woods Reshaft bore-through irons/woods
Reshaft broken putter - varying types of hosels, mechanical connections and multi-compound bend shafts all differ with procedure and difficulty Repair loose head Repair loose head - bore through shaft
Repair rattle in head Repair loose ferrule Replace broken ferrule
Install adjustable shaft connectors Remove & salvage adjustable shaft connectors Blueprinting of golf club(s) – as many as 21 different club characteristics could be measured, analyzed & reported.  All specifications are kept on file for future reference
Measure for length of clubs Set butt frequency of shaft Pull undamaged shafts for replacement with optimized shaft(s)
Measure for spine/FLO of shaft's Re-position shaft for proper spine/FLO Adjust loft and/or lie angles - the club metallurgy and hosel configurations may place restrictions on amount of bend or even not attempting bending
Adjust loft and/or lie angles on putters - shaft or hosel configurations can limit the angle(s) changed  - bending of compound shafts is based on an hourly wage and cost of additional components/procedures as required Measure loft/lie angles Measure for face angle on woods/hybrids
Measure for bulge/roll on woods/hybrids Measure for bounce angle on wedges or irons Grinding & buffing of minor scratches and knicks
Major or minor  head refinishing or painting

The cost of components, small parts and consumables are additional to the above procedures.  Taxes and freight costs are also additional.

On rare occasions, we have assembled client supplied parts but that practice is quite frankly, discouraged.  We are a professional golf equipment business with well over 15 years of extensive training and experience.  We have acquired and value our very high level of expertise similar to many qualified trades-persons.  Installing client supplied parts is rarely an optimized solution.  We suggest that you let our professionally qualified staff advise you on component selection.  Sometimes potential clients may disagree with this philosophy but that doesn't happen very often.  Should an impass occur, then we can recommend some less qualified operations.  For those customers, we are reminded by Ben Franklin's famous quotation - "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

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