Loft & Lie Bending

Angle bending is among the fastest ways to improve a player’s ball flight. It is a major factor in club performance. Check & adjust your loft and lie angles to improve your accuracy and distance control.

Engineered Golf uses the True Blue Loft & Lie bending machine from MR3 Golf Designs to perfectly adjust the loft and lie on many irons, putters, hybrids and woods.  The True Blue is the single most effective tool to ensure loft and lie consistency in every club.  Golfers will see the difference in every stroke.

Bending Loft & Lie

Angle bending is among the fastest ways to improve a player’s ball flight. It is a major factor in club performance.  Changing the lie angles can improve accuracy and changing the lofts can ensure consistent distance gapping through the set.

It’s vital to know the exact specification of the club’s angles when checking for a proper fit.  All the clubs are initially measured, so we have a baseline for future adjustments. The Dynamic Loft & Lie Test could show the need to adjust individual lofts or lie angles.  Lofts are adjusted to equalize the distance gaps from club to club. Each club could show the need to be more upright or flatter if shots tend to stray off the target line.

The length of your golf clubs also influences the effective lie angle.  Length affects the proper soling of the club, hence lie angles can be automatically affected to begin with.  Length affects what the starting position of your shaft lie angle is at address, but all-importantly at impact.

Do you know what lengths and actual lie angles best suit you?  (Absolute angles in degrees – not 1 degree up nor 1 degree down – but is it 60 or maybe 63 degrees for a 9 iron as an example?)  I point this out because there’s a variance between manufacturer’s standards for length, lie and loft angles for each club.  Each manufacturer will also have a different standard for their different models.

New clubs coming off the OEM line have shown to have a tolerance of +/- 1.5 degrees from their specification.  That is a fact of life within the forging houses producing the heads for OEM’s.  Tighter tolerances can be stipulated by the OEM, (and achieved by the forging houses), but there is an exponential cost factor involved with narrowing the tolerances.

Engineered Golf doesn’t just bend every club in the set by the proverbial “2 degrees up or flat” thinking`that the entire set has been adjusted consistently.  The performance is the key element during the Dynamic Loft & Lie Test. We want to test and have each club set to its proper loft & lie angle.

Just a final word of caution, very few hybrids and woods should be bent without risking damaging the shell. Please contact Engineered Golf for advice, or to test and adjust any, or all your clubs.

MR3 True Blue with iron to be bent
MR3 True Blue with iron to be bennt face on view
MR3 True Blue with putter to be bent
MR3 True Blue with fwy wood to be bent

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