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Blessing finding you!

Please take a look at my lie angles for the irons you optimized & check my putter and wedges. Thank you so much Frank, for everything. It was a blessing finding you. I will keep in touch!

Kostas K.

Absolutely beautiful!

My PXG clubs have just arrived and all are in new condition, no problems in transit. I love them, they look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all your knowledge and undoubted skills in the making of these beauties. I really am looking forward to the new golf season and to driving up to North Bay and having you possibly fine tuning them and to having a putter fitting. Take care lad and stay safe.

Billy D

Thank you!!!

Thanks for the great tips, I cannot express how thankful I am.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.   I will recommend all my friends with all their golf needs to you.


Daniel G.

Great job Frank!

Last round of the year despite frost layup ended positively! No wind, hit 13 of 14 fairways, 14 of 18 greens, no birdies due to bumpy uncut greens, but shot 79 on only the second day with these clubs. Steady, steady, consistent play: Not bad, huh? My friends are watching this with great interest, while in the privacy of my own home, I’m nearly dislocating my arm from patting myself on the back for calling you.

Karl L

Excellent bench & fitting skills.

I must say you do write and explain things VERY well. Thanks Frank, you are definitely a real testament to what a good clubmaker should be these days in my book.

Tom Wishon of TWGT

Always a pleasure.

Hey Frank,
Thanks for today. Very good to understand my golf swing more and more. Always, always a pleasure to come into the studio, hit some balls and chat.

Mikel A.

PXG Gen2 0311XF Irons


Hi Frank,

I bought the irons for a very specific reason, and I’m actually saving money since I’m going to be playing them for longer than 2 years. So far so good with the irons. I think the PW is my favourite club so far. When hitting a 3/4 shot with it, it feels like I can just drop the head on it, and it will go straight at the hole. As for the gaps, it’s hard to say as I have only used them twice and I’m still shaking off some winter rust. Accuracy and feel are just great.

Michael W.