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Engineered Golf – North Bay’s finest resource for custom golf club fitting, club making and golf repairs.
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Engineered Golf from North Bay, Ontario is your source for club fitting, club making, club repairs and analysis.  We're staffed with AGCP & ICG professional club fitters.  Every client receives unparalleled assistance at our full-service center.

Established in 2006, we're recognized as a Certified Professional Golf Equipment enterprise by:

  • PXG,
  • Golf Pride,
  • KBS,
  • True Temper,
  • Aerotech,
  • Tom Wishon Golf Technology,
  • Swing Science,
  • Alpha Golf
  • And other industry-leading names.

We're dedicated to maximizing your potential and making you a better player.  We do that by fitting and building you custom clubs - for all the clubs in your bag. We match them with your ability and athleticism.  You'll consistently hit better shots.  We guarantee it!

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True Temper Certified Shaft Center
KBS Certified Fitting Center
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Member since 2008

There is no question that properly fit golf clubs help you to play golf to your potential. ALL players benefit from properly fit golf clubs. Please contact us for more information.

Equipped with "State of the Art" Launch Monitors from Flightscope.

The FlightScope X2 is a 3D club and ball tracking radar. It provides 27 unique measurements of club, ball and swing data. Verified with ultra-high speed camera, the X2 provides unmatched accuracy.  Not only does the FlightScope X2 measure club head speed at impact, it also measures the club head speed profile throughout the strike zone, allowing it to also measure the angle of attack in both vertical and horizontal planes.  

Fligthscope Club Data Output

1. Club Data

  • Club Speed
  • Club Speed Profile
  • Club Acceleration Profile
  • Face Angle
  • Face to Path
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Angle of Attack
  • Club Path
  • Vertical Swing Plane
  • Horizontal Swing Plane
  • Spin Loft
  • D-Plane
  • Low Point


Flightscope Shot Data and Trajectory Output

2. Ball Data

  • Ball Speed
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Vertical Descent Angle
  • Smash Factor
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Carry Distance
  • Roll
  • Total Distance
  • Lateral Landing
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time
  • Shot Dispersion
  • Distance to Pin
  • Shot Grouping
  • Gapping Distances


3. Training

  • Skills Score
  • Driver Optimization
  • Video Analysis

Flightscope used by:

  • Taylor Made - Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, John Rahm
  • Recent World #1 - Justin Rose
  • Masters Champion - Danny Willet
  • Multiple European Tour Winner - Mathew Fitzpatrick
  • PGA Tour winner - Bryson DeChambeau
  • World Long Drive Coach - Bobby Peterson
  • 5X World Long Drive Champion - Sandra Carlborg
  • World Long Drive Champions - Justin James, Joe Miller, Ryan Reisbeck, Mitch Grassing

And 3 Separate Putter Analysis Systems.

F Hann putting session
SkyPro Fitting-Training Session
iClub Putting Analysis

We Also Offer High-Speed Video Swing Analysis.  And An Indoor Simulator/Range.

Our launch monitors, simulator, or range are also available on a rental basis.

AGCP Certificate of Qualification

Our services extend beyond creating the perfect fitting club. Get your golfing equipment repaired or altered by professionals who know what they’re doing! We offer re-shafting when your club breaks or is damaged. We do regripping, club repairs & alterations, custom grinding, refinishing and much more.

Don't hesitate and get in touch with us now!