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PXG Engineered Golf Golf Pride gripsEngineered Golf is a recognized certified professional golf equipment, clubfitting and repair shop.  We are located in North Bay - the gateway to Northern Ontario.  We are in the Golf Improvement business.


Our clients come to us seeking:

  • Longer, more accurate woods & irons;
  • More greens in regulation;
  • Irons closer to the pin;
  • Better bunker & wedge play;
  • Improved putting - fewer 3 putts & more 1 putts;
  • Improved scoring & lower handicaps;
  • And most importantly, more enjoyable rounds.

We help them to attain the above, and would LOVE to help you too!

Whether you're a beginner in the game, or a pro level golfer - we will use the latest technology to help improve your game by analyzing and properly fitting/building new equipment, or retro-fitting existing equipment.  We guarantee you WILL notice the difference.

We encourage you to take some time to explore the informative pages on this site.

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Learn More About Engineered Golf

Established in 2006, Engineered Golf is your source for club fitting, club making, club repairs and analysis. Every client receives unparalleled assistance at our full-service center.

We're dedicated to maximizing your potential and making you a better player. We do that by fitting and building you custom clubs - for all the clubs in your bag. We match them with your ability and athleticism. You'll consistently hit better shots. We guarantee it!

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Custom Fit Golf Clubs

You cannot play golf to your potential unless your equipment is properly fit to you and the way you swing a club.  Our properly fit clubs will help to improve your game and lower your scores.

We are so confident that we guarantee our clubs will help you play to your potential.  If they do not, we will rebuild or make the necessary adjustments until we are both happy with their performance.  Engineered Golf's fitting process is the key to your success; it's the fit that matters.

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Clubhead Components

We've partnered with some of the best & have provided a few highlights.

PXG Golf

  • ultimate in club head designs
  • Northern Ontario's certified PXG fitting/retail center

Tom Wishon Golf Technology (TWGT)

  • heads, shafts, grips - used on all tours
  • more than 50 industry "firsts"

KZG Golf

  • premium heads
  • full complement of left hand models

Alpha Golf

  • wide assortment of outstanding heads

Tour Edge Exotics

  • unique technology set them apart from the competition.
  • proven and used on all tours

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Shafts and Grips

Engineered golf offers a large array of grips and shafts to properly fit you with.  Each golfer is unique - somewhere in the big sea of shafts and grips is the right combination for you - it is our job to help get the right gear into your hands that will perform and feel the best for you.  Our offerings include but are not limited to;

KBS Tour shafts

  • We are a certified KBS Fitting Center

Aerotech shafts

  • Certified Aerotech fitter/dealer

True Temper

  • Certified Fitting Center

Golf Pride grips

  • Northern Ontario Certified grip Center

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Free Consultation

I would like to invite you to a free initial meeting to discuss your club fitting goals, what we do in a club fitting, and to take a short video of your golf swing.

Professional club fitting can reduce 3 to 10 strokes off your score.  Feel free to arrange a complimentary consultation on how you can achieve that.