Engineered Golf utilizes a wide assortment of the best quality components within the golf industry.  We're pleased that we have partnered with some of the best manufacturers and their component offerings.  We don't offer inferior products for the sake of cutting a few dollars.  We feel that you, and your golf game, are the most important elements in the fitting, building and equipping of our lines of golf equipment.

We wish to stress that all our club models are original designs, not clones or knock-offs.  Many have actually had their unique features copied by OEM's.  All of our components are equal to, and most often far exceed OEM standards in quality control, innovation and design features.  Our guaranteed fitting and building of clubs far surpass OEM quality.

Engineered Golf is pleased to offer quality components from PXG Golf, Tom Wishon Golf Technology, Alpha Golf, Tour Edge/Exotics, Krank Golf, KZG Golf, Eagle Rebirth Golf, Swing Science Golf, and Maltby wedges.  We also offer putters from PXG, SeeMore, Swing Science, Alpha, Wishon, and Uebelhor Golf.  There are equipment enhancement products from Balanced Certified, Tour Lock Golf, All Fit & Billy Bob's OEM replacement adjustable ferrules, and ProSoft Inserts.

Shafts are available from a variety of manufacturers such as:

  • True Temper,
  • KBS,
  • FST,
  • Aerotech,
  • Accra,
  • Wishon,
  • UST Mamiya,
  • Paderson,
  • Mitsubishi Rayon,
  • Fujikura Components,
  • LA Shafts - formerly Matrix,
  • Aldila,
  • Graphite Design,
  • Grafalloy,
  • Apollo,
  • Nippon Shaft, and others.

Grips are also available from many distinguished manufacturers, such as:

  • Golf Pride
  • Lamkin
  • Winn
  • PURE Grips
  • Iomic
  • Super Stroke
  • Flat Cat Putter Grips by Lamkin
  • Gripmaster leather grips
  • Arm Lock Golf putter grips
  • Wishon Golf
  • Star
  • Tiger Shark putter grips
  • Tacki-Mac

KZG Golf

KZG’s dedication to the game, award-winning equipment and discerning practice of working only with premier Professional ClubFitters is why golfers of all skill levels from beginner to touring professionals carry KZG in their bags. Left-handers will not feel left-out!

Krank Golf

Krank competes with proprietary technology and manufacturing techniques. They excel because of their build quality, durability and outright performance. The lessons they’ve learned building the most dominant brand in the long drive game have translated into a driver that is perfect for regular play. In our books, Krank Golf wins big with both the Formula X Extreme and Forumla XX Extreme.

Wishon Golf

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is a foremost leader in professional custom clubfitting design and technology. Its original, high performance golf club designs are custom fit to each individual golfer and are available worldwide only through professional custom clubmakers

Sterling Single Length Irons

It’s easy to overthink a problem, but sometimes the simplest answer is also the most effective. So, if you struggle to hit your irons consistently, you could take lessons, read instructional books from the who’s who of teachers, practice more, try a couple of different brands, or, you could remove a bunch of variables and play them all at the same length.

ERG Golf

ERG uses the highest quality alloys with innovative technology to ensure a new level of excellence in golf club components. They offer a full line of club components designed to fit the professional, top amateur and the beginner golfer. ERG works with top custom club building professionals such as Engineered Golf, allowing players of all levels to get their best fit. They provide superior golf products at a competitive price.

Swing Science

Swing Science offers a full line of golf club components (heads, shafts and grips) for all levels of golfers – from beginning and intermediate level players to low handicappers. They offer some of the best values in golf.

SeeMore Putters

SeeMore Putters offer golfers the #1 alignment system in golf. Their visible gun sight on the top-line, allows the golfer to set up the putter perfectly each and every time in relation to the intended target. The process is like locking radar onto a target.