Maltby Wedges

Maltby has a very wide variety of great performing and reasonably priced wedges. Get the right wedges to match your ability and course conditions. Experience the exciting results with improved scoring.



Maltby M-Series+ Wedges

The reasonably priced M-Series+ wedges feature CNC milled square Micro Grooves and a CNC milled hitting surface. All the M-Series+ wedges are identical in shape and blade profile. Turf and sand conditions often dictate the type of wedge that should be played.  There are 12 different wedges in the M-Series+ Wedge System.  Mix and match the sole width along with the lofts that best fit your needs.

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Maltby MG Tour Grind Wedges

The Maltby MG Tour Grind Wedges were designed for the player that demands creativity around the greens. The sole design of the MG Tour Grind Wedges features a narrow sole with an exaggerated toe and heel Tour Grind.  That makes them extremely versatile wedges.   If you desire a wedge that allows for the ultimate in consistency and creativity, the Maltby MG Tour Grind wedges are the answer!

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Maltby FGT Forged Wedges

The Maltby FGT wedges feature a modern sized "players" profile that combines forgiveness for the average player with the versatility required by highly skilled lower handicap golfers. The slightly oversized profile promotes confidence at address with a sole grind that allows for variety of shot shapes from any turf condition.

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M-Series+ Wedges

The M-Series+ Tour wedges have a sole width of .900”, the M-Series+ Mid wedges have a sole width of 1.05” and the M-Series+ Wide wedges have a 1.20” sole width.  The sole widths of the M-Series+ Wedges increase as the wedge lofts increase to aid in hitting the more difficult to use higher lofted wedges. However, the effective bounce angles of all the M-Series+ Wedges are relatively similar which allows you to simply switch sole widths when playing under different course conditions. That's done without sacrificing the look and feel of the wedge you have devoted practice time to and have become familiar with.


The M-Series+ wedge lofts overlap to allow you to pick the best sole width based on the course conditions you play or fit your skill level. Lofts range from 50 to 62 degrees.  For example: A M-Series+ 56-degree wedge is available in all three sole width options, Tour (for firmer sand/turf conditions and/or highly skilled players), Mid (for average sand/turf conditions and or low to mid handicap golfers), and Wide (for loose sand and plush turf conditions and or mid to high handicap golfers).


The ideal wedge set make up for most golfers, (regardless of skill level), should include at least one moderately wide soled wedge in their golf bag. The M-Series+ Wedge Series solves this problem without the need to carry 2 or 3 different brands with differing head shapes and effective bounce angles.

3 Tour Grind wedges - black

MG Tour Grind Wedges


Micro Grooves (MG) have been CNC milled into the face to consistently increase spin around the greens. The Diamonized Black Metal finish is a very thin chemically implanted coating.  It's twice as durable as traditional nickel chrome plating and 30 times more durable PVD coatings typically found on modern black wedges. The DMB finish will not “crack” or “peel” when being bent (+/- 1 degree) to custom specs.  It is so strong it will extend the sharpness and overall shape of the precision milled MG grooves versus any other wedge finish currently available.


  • Form Forged from 1030 Carbon Steel for a soft feel and easy adjustability.
  • Narrow sole width and relieved heel and toe Tour Grind for ultimate face angle manipulation.
  • “DBM” Diamonized Black Metal finish is a chemically implanted finish that is more wear, corrosive, and scratch resistant than any current carbon steel finish available.
  • “MG” groove technology (CNC milled) places more grooves on the face than traditional wedges.  It consistently increases ball spin on less than full shots.
  • Available in 52(8), 56(11) and 60(7) loft and bounce options.
  • Bendable for loft and lie +/- 1 degree
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FGT Forged Wedges

The variable mass distribution between the 52°, 56° and 60° wedges is designed to control trajectory resulting in lower launch angles as the lofts of the wedges increase relative to traditional wedges. This design feature is accomplished by moving the center of gravity higher up the face as the loft increases.  That greatly improves trajectory and distance control.

The "Tour Grind" sole features heavy toe and heel relief grinds on the sole.  It will allow for wide variety of shot shapes.  It also provides enough effective bounce angles to be playable from most turf conditions.

CNC Milled face surface and grooves ensures face flatness and groove effectiveness for added control and consistency. The CNC milled “MG” (Multi-Groove) Technology optimizes spin and control on shots around the green by increasing friction on less than full shots.


  • Modern “Players” wedge design in a slightly oversized profile.
  • Form Forged from 8620 Carbon Steel for exceptional feel.
  • Unique Tour Grind sole designed for versatility on the scoring shots from a variety of turf conditions.
  • Variable mass distribution between the 52°, 56° and 60° wedges designed to provide the Trajectory and distance control needed for high level performance in the scoring clubs.
  • CNC Milled face ensures face flatness for added control and consistency. “MG” (Multi-Groove) Technology optimizes spin and control on shots around the green.
  • The perfect choice for players seeking versatility and forgiveness in their wedges.
  • Universal Hosel accepts both .355" tapered and .370 parallel golf shafts
  • Rich Pearl Chrome finish

Curious About Getting New Wedges?

Come over and see us at Engineered Golf to get your wedge evaluation.  With the proper Maltby wedges you will improve your scoring and have more fun playing golf!