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From club fitting & club making, to repairs, modifcations and refurbishing - no detail is insignificant.

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Why we work

The core of our craft at Engineered Golf is - "We Care".  We care about each of our customers; about what they say and what they feel.  We're not satisfied until we are happy with the golf clubs we assemble for them, whatever time and effort that may take.  We think it's a widely shared feeling by our customers. Besides the technical, motivating, and often very intriguing aspects of the art of clubfitting that we have mastered, this very special relationship that we create with our customers is, in our opinion, what makes our profession so rewarding.

How we work

If we were robots, there would be no noticeable difference in results when hitting any similar clubs.  A robotic hitting machine will hit each 46" long & 10 degree lofted driver from any OEM these days, about 250 yards carry distance with a 100 mph clubhead speed.  That machine will always make center face contact.  It's unaffected by shaft flex, length or weight. 

Golfers are human and that is where proper custom club fitting comes in.  We fit for 13 major variables, and 8 minor ones.  The OEM's only fit for 3 or four variables.  We pay the utmost attention to every club fitting & making detail.  Our assembled clubs are exactly matched with each of your final test club's specifications.  That's why our clubs are better!

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We fully guarantee that the golf clubs we fit & build for you will perform as you desire.  If they don't provide the expected results, we will either rebuild or make the necessary adjustments until we're both happy with the performance.  All of that service for clubs with superior craftsmanship and quality.

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Shaft Fitting

The golf shaft – no other component of the golf club is as closely tied your swing mechanics. Our expertise takes the guess work out of shaft selection. We properly fit you with the best performing shafts that are unique to your golfing DNA.


Worn grips will definitely degrade your golf game.  You should have us assess the condition of your grips.  It’s likely time to get them changed. Tour pros average regripping their clubs three times per year!


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