Worn grips will definitely degrade your golf game.  You should have us assess the condition of your grips.  It’s likely time to get them changed. Tour pros average regripping their clubs three times per year!

Think about it, the grip is the only contact you have with the golf club. Depending upon how you like it, the grip’s feel will either promote or lessen tension in your swing. That is what makes the grip a very important part of the golf club. The texture, size, and yes, even colour and surface markings, are important in applying the least amount of grip pressure to secure the club while swinging it. Regripping ill-fitted or worn grips is a quick method of improving your feel

Lighter grip pressure will promote freedom of movement and a better release of the club during the swing. The result - higher swing speeds, better face control of the club, and ultimately greater shot distance and control. This also applies for putter grips, except that “shot distance” is replaced with “distance control and aim”.


What happens when you have worn grips? Just the opposite- tighter grip pressure to secure the club, less freedom of movement, etc. – you get the picture. That’s why it’s very important to first clean your grips regularly, and secondly, regripping them when they become worn. Tour Professionals change their grips 3 to 4 times per season. Avid golfers should consider changing most types of grips after 60 rounds depending upon the amount of wear that occurs. Be aware that many grip models will harden and become slick just with time. So, if you are a less avid golfer, check that the grips still feel comfortable when starting the new season.


Golf Pride grips are made from rubber and while we are proud of their durability, grips will naturally wear down from normal use. Oils on your hands, sweat, UV light, dirt and other natural elements will wear down the rubber and eventually cause grips to lose their tackiness and traction. Generally, the more you play, the more times you will need to replace your grips.

Golf Pride recommends changing your grips once a year. If you play very frequently, you may consider re-gripping more than that. Worn grips do not provide the same traction and stability as newly-installed, fresh grips.

Engineered Golf recognizes that the size of the grip is also uniquely individual for each golfer. You select the grip types and size the proper way; by “fondling” different examples of different grip sizes, mounted on shaft selections. That’s the only way that you can match the diameters of the grip beneath both hands so that they can hold on to the club with the least amount of grip pressure.

We are very careful about applying generic statements heard in the golf community such as: “All grips that are too small for the golfer cause a pull/hook and all grips too large cause a slice/pushed shot” - that’s not always true. Grips are installed to different sizes primarily, so golfers can obtain more comfort in holding on to the club. Shot shape and direction are an outcome of this.

So, to summarize, there's no debate that the grips contribute to the feel of the clubs. For the clubs to feel comfortable to you, they need to be fitted so they deliver the most comfort. Regripping by Engineered Golf does that, you will be able to lower the tension level in your hands and arms and be able to repeat your swing more consistently.

Please feel comfortable to ask Engineered Golf to check the condition of your grips. We will provide you with an honest assessment about regripping.


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