Alpha Golf

With Alpha golf clubs, you’ll find a handful of performance-based collections. Each one built to enhance and optimize your distance, playability, accuracy, and feel.



Alpha Golf was founded in 2000 by Dr. Jim Yeh, after decades of innovative physics research and design for the aerospace industry. His original pursuit for high-performance golf equipment has garnered him to be one of the true greats in club design today.

Within a few short years, the Alpha design team led by Dr. Yeh has produced drivers, woods, and irons acclaimed by industry experts and Tour professionals worldwide. Jim continues to push for innovation in titanium shaping, manufacturing processes, and effective club fitting procedures.



We believe in true performance-based club designs.  What this means is innovation and engineering for the sole purpose of enhancing your performance on the course.  No fancy bells and whistles to distract from the goal.  In the case of golf club design, simple truly is better.

With Alpha golf clubs, you'll find a handful of performance-based collections.  Each one built to enhance and optimize your distance, playability, accuracy, and feel.

In addition to playing the most effective equipment for your performance goals, we believe it's paramount to work closely together to not only match your profile with the right clubs, but also perfectly tune your equipment according to your biophysical abilities and parameters.  The results of a professional fitting session will take your game to the next level.  To get the most out of your Alpha clubs, make sure to contact Engineered Golf today.

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