Refinishing & Custom Grinding

Repair. Refinish. Rebuild. Helping golfers with their clubs for over 15 years.

Refinishing of woods, stainless steel irons/wedges plus putter heads. Remove knicks & scratches along the leading edge, toe and topline of irons, wedges and putters.

Complete Metal Wood Refinishing

We have years of experience refinishing all brands of metal woods.  As the finish of the metal woods change, we are quick to accommodate many new designs.

Services We Provide:

  1. Strip Paint:  Decals cannot be saved during refinishing.
  2. Remove Scratches & Dings:  (Depth of flaws may limit removal).
  3. Finish Un-Painted Areas:  (Polishing or Satin).
  4. Replace Finish with High Quality Two-Part Paint or Powder Coating
  5. Paintfill of Engravings.


  • We attempt to colour match original finishes as closely as possible.  An exact match cannot be guaranteed.
  • Face lines that are not engraved will be lost during this process.
  • Powder coating is a more durable finish but not all heads can be powder coated due to heat restrictions.
  • Shafts must be removed prior to starting.  They can be replaced after refinishing is completed - separate charges may apply.


Skymarks/Spots for Metal Wood Refinishing

This process is designed to refinish a club without stripping the club completely.  The finish will cover blemishes (i.e. ball marks, tee transfer marks, minor scratches, etc.)

Services We Provide:

  1. Condition club head to receive paint.
  2. Face/sole are cleaned.
  3. Decals are saved, (if the club is not stripped to bare metal in the vicinity of the decal(s).
  4. Replace finish with high quality two-part paint.
  5. Paintfill all engravings.
Light Buff Polish Sole
Polish Toe - Save Decal
Gentle Touch Up of PVD Face

Notes about spot finishing:

  • Some colours are not available in this process.
  • The chemical make-up of paint in clubs may vary; therefore, new paint may not adhere to original paint.  Clubs in this category will need a full refinish.
  • Soles and faces are lightly resurfaced.
  • New style black anodized face/sole cannot be restored to original.
  • Shafts must be removed prior to starting.  They can be replaced after refinishing is completed - separate charges apply.

Putter Refinishing

Keep that favorite putter looking like new.  Now is the time for getting your putter refinished.  We can provide a multitude of different finishes.

  • Painted putters with powder coating
  • Gun metal, blueing or blackening finishes for carbon steel heads.
  • High polish or satin finish for stainless steel or bronze alloy heads
  • Light wheel cleaning of heads
  • Removal of rust or oxides
  • Remove scratches and dings (depth of flaws may limit removal)
  • Replace all paint in-fill areas with matching or custom colour patterns

Custom Club Grinding

Specialized clubhead grinds are a common request at Engineered Golf. Some golfers are looking to alter their ball flight and want a clubhead adjusted to shift the center of gravity. Others are looking for greater versatility around the greens and want the bounce of the clubhead to be changed so that it is easier to open/close the clubface.

Some advantages that you can experience are:

  • No one else will have your same set of golf clubs.
  • Soles can match swing types, turf and sand conditions.
  • Obtain the exact look desired at setup.

Special Club Head Adjustments

  • Face length
  • Leading edge radius
  • Toe height
  • Sole width and shape
  • Toe profile
  • Target weight
  • Leading edge bevel
  • Removal of knicks and scratches

Whatever your goals are, talk to us about the best way to accomplish them.

Iron Refinishing

Let us make your irons or wedges look as good as new!

Refinishing Services Included:

  • Refinish stainless steel heads in either high polish or satin finish
  • Remove nicks and dings, (depth of flaws may limit removal)
  • Tool black finish for carbon steel heads, (finish naturally wears and rusts over time)
  • Raw finish by stripping chrome, (clubs will rust over time without rust inhibitor)
  • Paintfill engravings to match or custom colour motifs
  • Heads must be reshafted to commence refinishing - shaft extraction and replacement services can be offered for an additional charge
  • Light wheel cleaning and buffing/polishing

Ready to find out more?

Contact us for free advice on getting your clubs refinished or customized depending upon the wear and damage!